Single Use Plastics

What is the EU’s Single Use Plastics Directive?

Single-use plastic products (SUPs) are used once, or for a short period of time, before being thrown away. The directive delivers on the EU’s plastics strategy.  EU rules aim to reduce the volume and impact of certain plastic products on the environment.  They also aim to promote the transition to a circular economy with sustainable business models, products and materials.  The SUPs Directive was published in full on 5 June 2019.

The 10 items being addressed by the Directive are: cotton bud sticks, cutlery, balloons, food containers, beverage cups, beverage containers, cigarette butts, plastic bags, packets and wrappers and wet wipes and sanitary items.

Cigarette butts/filters contain cellulose acetate and consequently come under the ambit of the Single Use Plastic Directive.  Itmac members comply with all provisions of the SUP Directive.

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