EU Products Directive

The revised European Tobacco Products Directive entered into force on the 20 May 2014. EU Member States must now transpose the Directive into national law before the 20thMay 2016. A sell through period of up to 1 year – until the 20th May 2017 – for products that comply with the current EU-Directive may also be provided to retailers. As all EU markets are only permitted to release product into the Market on the same day i.e. 20th May 2016, and as the new Directive applies sweeping changes to the packaging of tobacco products, this will be particularly challenging for small markets such as Ireland.

The Department of Health must now provide timely clarity on the technical specifications and transposition of the Tobacco Products Directive to ITMAC members to ensure that Ireland fully meets its obligations under the TPD.

Main Changes that Ireland will have to introduce due to new Tobacco Directive from 2016:

  • 65% Pictorial Health Warning front and back at the top of the pack of Cigarettes and Rolling Tobacco
  • Tar Nic statement will be removed and replaced by a large text warning on both sides of the pack
  • Menthol products will be banned from 2020
  • 12.5g & 25g loose tobacco products will be banned as the minimum weight will be 30g
  • Track & trace products down to first retail customer
  • E-Vapour products will be regulated


Full TPD text

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