Proposed Plain Packaging in Ireland

Ireland is currently piloting a Plain Packaging bill through the Oireachtas. The proposed legislation aims to ban all forms of branding such as trademarks and logos on packs of cigarettes, tobacco and cigars and introduce 65% health warnings on the front and back of packs from May 2016. Retailers will be permitted to sell through non Plain Pack stock up until May 2017.

It is likely that the Bill may be enacted in 2015. Plain Packaging legislation is also currently under consideration in the UK.

ITMAC is totally opposed to Plain Packaging because:

  • Tobacco products are for adult consumers only who make a fully informed choice of whether to smoke or not
  • There is no credible evidence that Plain Packaging will achieve the stated public health objectives
  • In Australia the tobacco market and the incidence in smoking has remained stable since the introduction of Plain Packaging in December 2012.
  • Plain Packaging would have a number of negative unintended consequences as it would put further pressure on retailer’s margins and Governments revenues and leadto an increase in the share of illicit products
  • Plain Packaging would unjustifiably infringe fundamental legal rights to property, freedom of expression and trade that are protected under Irish, EU and international law

Health Committee Reports into Plain Packaging:
Public Health SPT Bill Vol 1
Public Health SPT Bill Vol 2 Part 1
Public Health SPT Bill Vol 2 Part 2
Plain Packaging Bill

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