Not all smokers litter. But some litterers smoke.

Our member companies continue to closely monitor the issue of cigarette-related litter in Ireland. We believe it is imperative to collaborate closely with the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government and stakeholders from other industries to promote sensible and responsible citizen behavior in relation to waste in Ireland.  In this regard, ITMAC, in collaboration with other industry stakeholders would welcome membership of a Government led anti-litter committee and support the nationwide roll-out of an anti-litter campaign.

To specifically address packaging waste in Ireland, ITMAC member companies have been members of REPAK Ltd for many years. REPAK is an industry funded organisation whose aim it is to facilitate and grow packaging recycling.

Independently, the tobacco companies also undertake various local and global sustainability initiatives. One such example is the ‘Keep My World Green’ initiative. A pilot anti-litter campaign was rolled out by JTI at events and music festivals over the summer months of 2012. Bins were branded ‘Keep My World Green’ and pocket ashtrays were distributed to smokers. This is all part of providing adult smokers with the necessary means to allow them to appropriately dispose of their cigarette related waste.

Keep My World Green - Bin