Press Releases

Budget 2015: ITMAC Comment

Commenting on the Minister’s decision to impose additional duty increase on cigarettes and hand rolling tobacco, ITMAC, the Irish Tobacco Manufacturers’ Advisory Committee said: “Today , Government has given a huge boost to the black market. We find this decision hard to believe given that Minister Noonan himself has noted that significant excise increases drives [...]

Ireland remains one of EU’s worst for Illegal Cigarettes

New figures compiled by MS Intelligence have shown that Ireland remains high on the list of European countries being targeted by the illegal tobacco trade.  Ireland is third highest on the list of EU countries behind Latvia and Lithuania for non duty paid tobacco (NDP) in 2013, however both Baltic states have decreased there NDP [...]

Ireland topping EU figures as illegal tobacco haven

Figures have shown that Ireland is topping the list of countries in the European Union for the level of non duty paid (NDP) tobacco being consumed, along with being the country with the highest price for legitimate tobacco products in the EU. The figures, based on the latest levels of NDP calculated for 2012 across [...]

Illegal Tobacco Fines and Seizures Decrease

The latest figures from the Revenue Commissioners have shown that fines for prosecutions in relation to the illegal tobacco trade have decreased in the second quarter of 2013 and are also down on 2012 average fines. In the second quarter of 2013, from 1st April to 30th June, the average fine for being prosecuted for [...]

Research shows Illegal Tobacco Figures remaining high

The latest figures from MS Intelligence show that the level of non Irish duty paid (NIDP) tobacco in Ireland continues to remain high this year.  The figure of NIDP for the second quarter of 2013 in Ireland was measured at 27.9%, an increase from the fourth quarter of 2012, which measured NIDP at 26.6%. The [...]

Seizures and Fines Plummet as Illegal Trade takes Grip

New figures from the Revenue Commissioners have shown that the levels of seizures and fines in relation to the illegal tobacco trade in Ireland have dropped dramatically, despite the level of non Irish duty paid (NIDP) remaining at 28%. In 2012, 95.6 million illegal cigarettes were seized, but so far this year with 6 months [...]

New research suggests proposed legislation to drive consumers to the Black Market

84% of people surveyed said they would purchase from alternative sources New research conducted by Behaviour and Attitudes, indicates that the proposed EU Tobacco Products Directive will push more Irish consumers to the illegal tobacco market. The proposed legislation will look to ban menthol and slim cigarettes along with introducing a minimum pack size of [...]

Proposed Regulation to Boost Illegal Tobacco Market

Additional €250 million to be lost to the State The Tobacco Products Directive proposed by the European Commission will be a huge boost to the illegal tobacco market it has been revealed today.  The Department of Health issued calls for consultation on the EU legislation with the deadline for submissions today.  The Irish Tobacco Manufacturers [...]

Irish Government losing EUR1.5 million per day

Criminals making over €640,000 a day from illegal tobacco in Ireland The Irish government will lose over €580 million in VAT and excise to the illegal cigarette market this year according to figures released by the Irish Tobacco Manufacturers Advisory Committee (ITMAC) ahead of next week’s budget. The figures, which are compiled from the most [...]

Dramatic Decrease in Illegal Cigarettes Penalties

There has been a dramatic decrease in the fines being handed down for the selling and smuggling of illegal cigarettes in Ireland according to the latest figures from the Revenue Commissioners.  The latest Defaulters List figures for the second quarter of 2012 show that the average fine for the selling of illegal cigarettes is down [...]